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Josh Kelley

Georgia Clay

Josh Kelley Georgia Clay

  • CD1: 1. Georgia Clay
  • CD1: 2. A Real Good Try
  • CD1: 3. Gone Like That
  • CD1: 4. Baby Blue Eyes
  • CD1: 5. Naleigh Moon
  • CD1: 6. Two Cups Of Coffee
  • CD1: 7. Rainin' Whiskey
  • CD1: 8. Great Idea
  • CD1: 9. Learning You
  • CD1: 10. Ain't Lettin' Go
  • CD1: 11. Don't Let Go

Georgia Clay

Georgia Clay, is an intriguing collection of songs that serve as a musical interpretation of his life story, a vivid exploration of the people and places that molded him into who he is today. Kelley is co-producer of Georgia Clay with Clint Lagerberg.

“This record is a time capsule,” says Kelley, who wrote or co-wrote each of the album’s 11 songs. “It’s by far the best thing I’ve written and I’ve never been more proud. I’m finally in a genre where I can write lyrics, tell stories and be a man.”


“The whole idea behind ‘Georgia Clay’ is that we could go back to the garage and look at that truck, which hadn’t been driven in years, and still find layers of mud stuck to the tires,” Kelley says. “That is the mud from our childhood. Those memories are still there.”