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Gene Watson

Barrooms & Bedrooms: The Capitol & MCA Years

Gene  Watson Barrooms & Bedrooms: The Capitol & MCA Years

  • CD1: 1. Fourteen Carat Mind
  • CD1: 2. Paper Rosie
  • CD1: 3. Nothing Sure Looked Good on You
  • CD1: 4. Love in the Hot Afternoon
  • CD1: 5. You're Out Doing What I'm Here Doing Without
  • CD1: 6. Where Love Begins
  • CD1: 7. You Could Know as Much About a Stranger
  • CD1: 8. Because You Believed in Me
  • CD1: 9. Her Body Couldn't Keep You (Off My Mind)
  • CD1: 10. I Don't Need a Thing at All
  • CD1: 11. Til You Can Make It On Your Own
  • CD1: 12. One Sided Conversations
  • CD1: 13. What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her
  • CD1: 14. John's Back In Town
  • CD1: 15. Down And Out This Way Again
  • CD1: 16. Missing You Just Started Hitting Home
  • CD1: 17. If the Shoe Fits, Wear It
  • CD1: 18. Bedroom Ballad
  • CD1: 19. Speak Softly (You're Talking to My Heart)
  • CD1: 20. No One Will Ever Know
  • CD1: 21. Between This Time and the Next Time
  • CD1: 22. Maybe I Should Have Been Listening
  • CD1: 23. Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All the Time
  • CD1: 24. Pick the Wildwood Flower
  • CD1: 25. Raisin' Cane in Texas
  • CD2: 1. Drinkin' My Way Back Home
  • CD2: 2. Sometimes I Get Lucky and Forget
  • CD2: 3. Farewell Party
  • CD2: 4. Forever Again†††††††
  • CD2: 5. Bad Water
  • CD2: 6. This Is My Year For Mexico
  • CD2: 7. This Dream's on Me
  • CD2: 8. Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)
  • CD2: 9. Circle Driveway
  • CD2: 10. Little by Little
  • CD2: 11. This Just Ainít No Good Day For Leaving
  • CD2: 12. Shadows On The Wall
  • CD2: 13. Got No Reason Now for Goin' Home
  • CD2: 14. I'd Settle for Just Crossing Her Mind
  • CD2: 15. If Iím A Fool For Leaving
  • CD2: 16. Most Of All Why
  • CD2: 17. The Ballad Of Richard Lindsey
  • CD2: 18. You Gave Me A Mountain
  • CD2: 19. One Hell of a Heartache
  • CD2: 20. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
  • CD2: 21. I Guess You Had To Be There
  • CD2: 22. †I Know What It's Like In Her Arms
  • CD2: 23. The Beer At Dorsey's Bar
  • CD2: 24. The Old Man and His Horn
  • CD2: 25. Hey Barnum And Bailey

Barrooms & Bedrooms: The Capitol & MCA Years

This collection covers the period from 1975 to 1985 when he recorded for the Capitol and MCA Record labels, producing some of the most impeccable hard-country albums that are easily the equal of anything George Jones or Merle Haggard released. BARROOMS & BEDROOMS is a smooth blend of intimate love ballads, break-up songs and pained heartbreakers delivered with fitting and understated polish, Gene Watson's voice masterfully piercing the music with a strong effect, ranging from redneck rawness to sensuous sensitivity. The depth of material, coupled with Gene's aching barroom voice proves to be a perfect match.

This 50 track 2 CD set covers his most productive era- The capitol and MCA Years.