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Ashley Campbell

The Lonely One - SIGNED COPY

Ashley Campbell The Lonely One - SIGNED COPY

  • CD1: 1. A New Year
  • CD1: 2. Cry
  • CD1: 3. Better Boyfriend
  • CD1: 4. A Taken Man
  • CD1: 5. The Lonely One
  • CD1: 6. Good For You
  • CD1: 7. I Wish I Wanted To
  • CD1: 8. How Do You Know
  • CD1: 9. Carl & Ashley's Breakdown
  • CD1: 10. What I'm Doin' Here
  • CD1: 11. We Can't Be Friends
  • CD1: 12. Looks Like Time
  • CD1: 13. Nothing Day

The Lonely One - SIGNED COPY

Ashley Campbell's debut album 'The Lonely One' features its recently released title track.
Ashley co-produced 'THE LONELY ONE', with her brother Cal at his studios in Los Angeles. Her older brother Shannon, who plays in Ashley's band, shares co-writing on 'Looks Like Time' and also contributes vocals and guitar throughout the album.

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